We offer a full range of moving supplies from boxes, tape, bubble wrap, padded blankets and more. Not sure how much you need? We'll buy back what you don't use. Call us to order 281-353-1960

Safe Crates
Take advantage of our environmentally friendly and cost effective Safe Crates. Each crate is reusable, requires no set up and can be used to hang your important files as well as for standard packing. Load up to 4 crates on one dolly and they can be easily moved from location to location within your office, house or storage unit. Each crate holds over 2.5 cubic feet.

1.5 Small Boxes
1.5 small moving boxes are ideal to pack books, photo albums, CD Roms, DVDs, magazines, files, office supplies, picture frames, small appliances, cups, sliverware, electronic cords, cleaning supplies, towels, bathroom supplies, jewlery, laptop computers, etc.

3.0 Medium Boxes
3.0 medium moving boxes are the perfect size for a whole host of mid-weight items, such as toys, pots and pans, dishes, serving items, and bathroom accessories. Also great for shipping, storing larger books and collectibles.

4.0 Large Boxes
4.0 large box is best suited for packing bulky household goods such as comforters, blankets, lampshades, pillows and stereo & computer equipment. The professional movers rule of thumb when packing light household goods is; the lighter the item, the larger the box.

Wardrobe Boxes
These wardrobe packing boxes make it possible to ship or store clothing without removing from their hangers. Makes is easier to move clothes from one closet to another. Clothing hangs on a 24" metal bar (included with Box).

Dish Boxes
Perfect for all your dishes. Make sure you wrap your items with paper, foam or bubble wrap or purchase the dish box inserts.

Dish Box Insert
Cell kit is designed to separate Dish Barrel Box into compartments to isolate and protect fragile items.

Lamp Boxes
Perfect for protecting your standing lamps.

Quickset Boxes
Designed to be easily and quickly assembled, these boxes are perfect for long term storage of files.

2 pc Mirror Carton 37x3x24
Protect fragile mirrors and valuable artwork. Insert pictures or mirrors. Top and bottom included.

Packing Paper
Packing paper is specifically designed to reduce the chance of damage as well as not leave an inky residue.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble wrap provides an extra layer of cushion to completely protect delicate belongings.

Packing Tape

Moving Supplies
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